Meet the team

Valkyrie Industries was founded in January 2017 by two founders from Deep Science Ventures; a new start-up initiative that builds ventures from scratch. 

In less than two months, the company secured stage 1 funding from Innovate UK to explore the world of Haptic technology. Having also secured two Laboratory spaces with two key collaboration Univeristies; Imperial College of London and London South Bank University. 

We are always looking for new and exciting people who can contribute, please get in touch to see how you can become a part of Valkyrie.

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CEO | Co-Founder

Qualifications: MSc/MA Innovation Design Engineering

With 7 years experience working as a hybrid designer / Engineer creating innovative new products or futuristic visionary work, researching and developing new technology and designing concepts for consumer electronics having worked in R&D for Nokia. Passionate about how people interact with technology and social norms and engaging in mad science Innovation.

I plant ideas in people’s minds without going 4 levels deep


CTO | Co-Founder

Qualifications: PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

8 years research experience in silicon electronics, nanotechnology and flexible electronics. Previous work on developing new scientific ideas into prototypes and products. Knowledge transfer with multiple SMEs.






CDO | Lead Computational Designer

Qualifications: MSc Adaptive Architecture & computation

Trained as an architect before moving into computational design, receiving a distinction in the architectural computation masters at the Bartlett for thesis on machine learning for spatial comprehension. Recently been working in the fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality, developing installations and experiences for a variety of clients, with a particular interest in gestural interaction.

I am the maker and destroyer of